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Roces Store: inline skates, roller skates, ice skates, adjustable ski boots and much more!

With more than half a century of history, Roces company is today a world leader in the design and production of inline skates and ice skates, constantly searching for the optimal balance between performance and comfort. Roces uses the finest materials and components to make reliable, comfortable and high performance products. The range of products offered by Roces is not only limited to the world of inline skates and ice skates, but also to a wide range of roller skates or quad skates, skate parts, scooters, skateboards, skating accessories such as skate helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, wristbands, backpacks, and everything related to the skating world, including replacement kits for mechanical parts (brakes, bearings, etc.). In our online Shop you can find also special products such as Bold Ski®, a summer ski that emulates the skiing movements on the road and on any other surface, allowing a continuous training even in the summer. The Cardiff® skate, an innovative and patented skate, as fast as a inline skate and as stable as a roller skate, is another special product available in our online store. The range of Roces products finally comes complete with skateboards, Streetsurfing Wave Board and Roces IDEA adjustable ski boots, a revolutionary, extendible children ski boot that can be adjusted in 6 incremental sizes, help saving a lot to families who love mountain and ski.