There are many protections for skaters, and of course the main one is the skate helmet. This can be of different sizes and shapes, but every single model is made of very durable materials which, apart from completely wrap the skater's head, are able to completely absorb shocks and to prevent the skater from getting hurt. In addition to the helmets, there are elbow protectors that have different features: the first is comfort, that is, the elbow protection adhere perfectly to the joint, and will not cause any discomfort thanks to the material that is generally padded fabric, able to absorb the shocks perfectly. Thanks to Power Strap, the skater's elbow protectors can be easily positioned and fastened, and adjusted for a higher level of comfort and protection. Finally, in the categories of skate protections, there are also knee pads, wrists protections and gloves: each of these elements guarantees the safety of the skater and the necessary comfort.