Winter Sports


The variety of materials and technology used in manufacturing have made IDEA a high quality boot perfectly suited to introducing children to the sport of skiing in an easy, technically efficient and absolutely safe manner.

  • Shell: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Buckles: Aluminum (ALU) and Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Pad: Slow memory foam
  • Lining:: Easy Entry System Lycra and velvet


The “6 in 1” system is unbelievably easy to use: to select the right length you just need to rotate the lever placed on the lower part of the boot (close to the heel) to the chosen size:

  1. Open the buckles of your boot;
  2. Rotate the lever to reach the desired size;
  3. Close the lever to the proper peg.


The staple feature of IDEA’s liner is a unique adjusting system. Unlike any other system today the bellows allow real growth of the liner allowing for the natural development of the foot. The Liner Bellows System (LBS) has been devised to avoid any uncomfortable pressure through all parts of the foot. The bellows (LBS) system allows the liner and shell to work in tandem to produce a fit that is accurate, comfortable and warm.

In fact the natural/resting position of the liner is with the bellows extended to the largest size (PIC. A), while shortening the shell makes the bellows compress (PIC. B) into smaller sizes. It is easy to see that it is not the foot that makes the liner grow, but the shell itself.


The adjustable ski boot for fast growing kids.


The new three lines are differentiated also under the inspiration standpoint and the design guidelines were inspired by freeride, freestyle and backcountry.


The lasts have been tested for years and proved to be comfortable and very well accepted by all foot anatomies.


Lot of research efforts were put on bettering the flex index and the achievement is now confirmed from a fruitful cooperation with ski instructors, ski schools and ski clubs.


The new warmer and anatomically padded liner has been aesthetically improved. On one side it saves the natural heat produced by the foot while skiing while on the other the liner is able to keep the foot warm also during breaks


All the new line is provided with a special water shell sealing layer that proves to be an effective barrier against water and snow. If the first generation of IDEA proved to be 100% water protective, the new one is still 100% protective with the additional guarantee of the special layer.


Designed and studied to improve the ankle-foot wrapping and the progressive flexure, placed in between the frontal shell overlapping it enhances the comfort and snow stopping guarantee of the special layer.

The new line is coming with three different models. The IDEA UP covers sizes from 16.0 to 18.5 MP and sizes from 19.0 to 22.0 MP while the new charming IDEA FREE covers sizes from 22.5 to 25.5 MP. These three items correspond to three new lines differentiated under the closure system standpoint. The IDEA UP 16.0-18.5 is a single buckled traditional construction shelled boot while the IDEA UP 19.0-22.0 is a new two buckled boot provided with a special water shell sealing layer. IDEA FREE 22.5.-25.5 is the new three buckled and cuff Power Strap strapped boot, provided with a special water shell sealing layer.



  1. IDEA - White
    IDEA FREE 22.5-25.5 teal-black
    As low as 139,00 € Regular Price 220,00 €
  2. IDEA - White
    IDEA FREE 22.5-25.5 white-teal
    As low as 139,00 € Regular Price 220,00 €
  3. IDEA - White
    IDEA FREE 22.5-25.5 black-silver
    As low as 139,00 € Regular Price 220,00 €
  4. IDEA - White
    IDEA FREE 22.5-25.5 white-deep pink
    As low as 139,00 € Regular Price 220,00 €
  5. IDEA - White
    IDEA FREE 22.5-25.5 black-lime
    As low as 139,00 € Regular Price 220,00 €

Ice Skate

The "R Cube" Concept

How we skate the planet


A brand new product program gets a special boost today inspired by the triple R of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Reduction of waste with packaging optimization, reuse of materials for lining, liners, shells, gradual introduction of recycled materials in all the product lines.

What we did

Continuous use of recycled polyurethane for the black skate production (since 1978).
Size adjustability as a market standard for inline and ice skates and recently for junior ski boots, a typical «more with less» design case: less plastic, less waste, dramatically lower impact on transport and logistics.
[1978] First ice skate made in plastic and it’s 100% recycled
[1993-1994] First ever size adjustsable skate
[2002] Dual skate, only one skate for inline and ice skating.
[2006] First ever size adjustable ski boot

What we do now

Introduction of the RECYCLE line in the ice skate collection (that means use of recycled PET, PU and recycled foams for padding).
Introduction of havana cardboard packaging (and no plastic film coating) and low ink consumption. Today’s percentage of recycled cardboard is around 80%.
Ice skate blade covers (meaning the ones coming with the product in the box) made of 100% recycled plastic.

What we will do

The goal is the expansion of RECYCLE design inspiration to all product categories and to as many products as possibile.
The goal is to reach soon the 100% of recycled cardboard (no plastic film coating) and even lower ink consumption.
The goal is the substitution of all polybags used for product packaging / transport with bags of sustainable material (over 1.000.000 bags less per year).
Ice Skates with environmental attitude



Entonces, ¿cómo nos movemos?

La experiencia Roces

01 Un cambio de velocidad
Siempre nos ha impulsado la atención constante a la elección de materiales y nuestra sensibilidad al impacto medioambiental es ahora más que nunca la fuerza impulsora detrás de nuestra estrategia: combinar innovación y eco-sostenibilidad, sin sacrificar el diseño y el alto rendimiento.
02 Selezionato dalla natura
ranked by nature Con este catálogo pretendemos ofrecer una idea clara de dos parámetros: el nivel de reciclabilidad de nuestros patines en línea y también el nivel de material reciclado utilizado para fabricar cada modelo.
About Roces
03 Nuestro holograma: ID Roces
ranked by natureEl holograma es un nuevo elemento de identificación y herramienta en la lucha contra la falsificación. A partir de las próximas producciones, los productos Roces viajarán acompañados de un holograma de "Producto Original" que dará fe de su autenticidad.
04 Diseño italiano
Desde hace más de sesenta años, Roces siempre ha sabido destacar por el impulso de la innovación. Cada artículo se selecciona cuidadosamente a través de un proceso profundamente centrado en el tamaño y la selección a través de los mejores componentes y métodos de producción, desde el diseño hasta el empaque.